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Castelgrimaldo 19G
46049 Volta Mantovana - Mantova

Orticoltura Guidolini

50 years of experience

The horticulture Guidolini with its main office in the locality of Castelgrimaldo, Volta Mantovana, Mantova, was founded by the Guidolini family in 1968. During the 1990’s Davide Guidolini converts, expands the company specializing in the production of salad “baby leaf” in greenhouses. In 2007 a new location was opened in Bellizzi (Salerno) for production, storage and logistics. The strategic climatic zones permit the ensurance of a market of large retailers and the availability of salad rigorously made in Italy and ready for consumption 365 days a year.

Our Company

100 hectares of greenhouse systems

Salad Baby Leaf

Salad Baby Leaf

The quality of Guidolini products begin with a careful varietal selection able to support the working processes without losing its qualititive characteristics.

Scrupulous chemical and microbiological analysis of the soil and of its water irrigation of the product, on the harvesting machinery, the rinsing area, the packaging and storing allows a constant quality control of the salad.

The “closed production supply” guarantees an accurate control and traceabilty of every batch. Our salads: rocket salad, lamb’s lettuce, green and red lettuce, baby spinach are elaborated at a controlled temperature without interrupting the cooling chain.

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