Office Address

Castelgrimaldo 19G
46049 Volta Mantovana - Mantova


our company

Horticulture Guidolini with its head office in the locality of Castelgrimaldo of Volta Mantovana (MN). This company has been in the cultivation and distribution field for more than 50 years.

Founded by the Guidolini Family in 1968. During the 1990’s Davide Guidolini rennovated, expanded and specialized the firm in the production of  “Baby Leaf” salad.

Plots of land owned by the family with conventional and organic productive sites in rocket salad, valerian salad, green and red salad and baby spinach, it extends to a total surface of 150 hectares.

In 2007 a new location of greenhouse production, storage area and logistics was opened in Bellizzi (Salerno).

The strategic position in different climatic areas permits and guarantees a market of great distribution nationally, european and internationally and the availability of salad exclusively made in Italy and ready for consumption 365 days a year.

our staff

Composed by technicians, agronomists, horticultures, carriers and employees working in synergy to guarantee the final customer fresh salad 12 months in a year.

The Firm Guidolini pays attention to training and knowledge of its employees guaranteeing above all safety at work and the professional competences necessary in the ongoing evolving horticulture sector.

Technological innovation and automation has allowed Guidolini horticulture to be equipped with modern and specialized machinery which makes the quality of work safer amongst the horticulture operators in all the productive phases.

Salad washing line, Orticoltura Guidolini

Horticulture Guidolini

“efficient horticulture”

modern equipment to respect the work, the land and the environment

3.000 m2 of sheltered equipment and workshop

Our services

Transport and delivery

To clients on a national and international territory with the company’s transport and qualified drivers.

Personalized packaging

We are able to respond to all the needs of any chain with  personalised working processes.

Loading and unloading

The company has an equipped area for transport to move around safely.